Aims and Scope

Journal's Aims and Scope

Landscape Online focuses on studies dealing with research in landscape ecology  and contributions on landscape research with inter- or transdisciplinary aspiration.The subject matter deals with any scientific, educational or applied aspect of processes, dynamics, indicators, controllers and visions related to landscapes. Furthermore, Landscape Online emphasizes the coupling of societal and natural systems, not only the involvement of human impact on landscape systems but also human perception of the landscape, its values and the evaluation of landscapes. Moreover, articles are appropriate that deal with landscape theory, system approaches and conceptual models of landscape, both their improvement and their discussion. aRTICLE

All kinds of articles or parts of it must not be published beforehand in another journal. However, we support secondary publication to re-print articles that are currently not published under open access licence (secondary publication) - in accordance to the licence agreement of the first publication. In case of secondary publication overlap with a published or submitted work needs to be declared to the editorial mangement on submission.

Aims and Objectives Beyond the Topic

Landscape Online is self-published, associated to the International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE), providing the international community a peer reviewed open access journal for scientific outreach. Publishing Editor is the German chapter IALE-D, supported by journal partners, the regional chapters IALE-Europe and IALE-North America and national chapters IALE-Chile, IALE-Denmark, SIEP-IALE Italy and ialeUK.

Landscape Online is based on Open Journal Systems (OJS), developed by Public Knowledge Project (PKP), hosted by Center for Digital Systems (CeDiS) at Freie Universität Berlin.

Landscape Online was founded in 2007, originating in the idea of a scholarly electronical journal 'of free access and available online' in the field of landscape ecology, to offer in particular young scholars 'an innovative platform for didactical sound and high quality multimedia presentations' and 'to support new innovations of presenting scientific results' (as cited from the first journal presentation). In the meanwhile the plattform has etablished with frequent publications, open for all landscape ecologists, other scientists and practitioners interested in landscape research to disseminate research of inter- and/or transdisciplinary approaches. Still, we keep tradition and promote young scholars. Therefore we provide support for first time publications, and the opportunity to participate in our 'tandem reviews', to enhance own scientific writing skills while learning the reviewer perspective. 

Hence, Landscape Online understand itself is a platform aiming at:

- commiting to free and open access for scientific knowledge according to the Berlin Declaration from 2003, which is a milestone in the open-access-movement;

- supporting young scientists by various activities, like webinars about scientific publications or further support offers in the context of the review process;

- promiting cooperation between IALE chapters and partner organizations, e.g. in the context of Special Issues, Webinars, PhD Courses and further activities in the field of scientific presentation and publication.